Internet casinos advantages over B&M casinos

There are many advantages of the internet casinos over the offline casinos, as well as a few disadvantages, to be honest. The biggest advantage, in our opinion, of the online casinos is the ease of use and access. In the United States (and a lot of countries in the world) only a handful of states have legal casino gambling. This fact makes it burdensome for many people leaving in states where the legislature has decided to ban all forms of gambling, and who would usually enjoy recreational gambling. Those people now have to travel to different states, make a vacation of it, all while spending hundreds and thousands in travel expenses, accommodations, food, etc. - all money that those people would have not had to spend if a casino was nearby. But with the online casinos - there is no need to travel, even leave your home - want to spend $100 playing penny slots? Why would you spend extra $1,000 traveling to a casino, when the internet casinos offer those with a click of the mouse?

 The second enormous advantage of the internet casinos is the bonus offers. True, some B&M casinos will comp out rooms or give you gift cards, but that's only after you have lost a substantial amount of money. But with the online casinos - you will get free money before you even begin playing, as a courtesy for patronizing the casino. Whether you win or lose, the bonus offer stands. The internet casinos are the only place where you will get money without even gambling.

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