What's the difference between casino bonus and comp points

Surprisingly, there are a lot of online gamblers who don't know the difference between the casino sign-up bonus and comp points. It's very simple and although both could be considered a bonus, there is a big difference. The sign up bonus, usually advertised on banners and at the online casinos, is a one-time only bonus, which is awarded to the player at the first money deposit. Often the sign-up bonus takes the form of a percentage of your deposit, but it's advertised as the maximum amount of currency you will get when you sign up. For example, a $555 deposit mean that you will get 100% match up bonus up to $555.

 The comp points, on the other side, are awarded to the player equivalent to the amount spent or played at the casino. The comp points are usually in equation of 1 comp point for ever $100 or $1000 wagered at the casino and could at later time be converted to real money. It's a great incentive, similar to a cash-back.

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